February Specials

Massage Specials:

$10 off all Massage Services

Massage & Facial Combination:

Gone to Heaven for only $95 (reg. $114) Our most popular massage and facial combo, this will woo you into a state of pure euphoria.
Receive a 1 hour full body Swedish Massage and a 1 hour Wellness Facial. 


Now Featuring our Diamond and Rose Facial, this is a Deluxe Anti-Aging Facial, limited time only! $80 (reg. $110)

During this facial we will use our Champagne Bubbling Cleanser which is rich in oxygen bubbles that will leave your skin brighter. To exfoliate, our trained Esthetician wil use Diamond Powder that will purify the inside of the pores. This powder gentle removes old keratin to brighten skin tone leaving youthful and elastic radiance. This facial includes 2 different masks to help with hyperpigmentation, and ending in our Rose Wine Peptide Jelly Mask that will hydrate, plump and help with fine lines. While the mask is sitting our Esthetician will perform a relaxing neck and arm massage. This treatment will end with Gold Infused Serum, and moisturizing products. This Facial is great for all skin types. 

Dermaplaning Facial $65 (reg. $80) :

Dermaplaning is recommended for all skin types except those with inflammatory or cystic acne. The procedure removes dead skin cells, as well as imperfections present on the outermost layer of skin. Patients are happy with reduced peach fuzz, diminished appearance of pores, more radiance to skin, and improved skin care product absorption. The facial will end with Professional Grade Peptide Serum and moisturizing professional products.

Lash Lift & Tint $40 (reg. $55):

Keratin Lash Lift treatments lasts up to 8 weeks depending on your lash cycle, it is water-proof and unlike lash extensions, there is no special maintenance required.  This Keratin treatment curves your natural lashes upward to give them height and length. A healthier Lash Lift alternative that boosts your lashes with proteins and vitamins - unlike other brands which simply curl your lashes with the use of  harsh perm solutions.
Keratin treatment volume boosted with a special color pigment to give your natural lashes the appearance of wearing mascara.